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StarCraft 2 Scouting Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

The ability to gather and effectively use information about the enemy is of the utmost importance. In strategy games, this is known as scouting. Practice it until it becomes second nature, for it will allow you to know where your opponent is, what is he doing, and how to respond to his tactics. If you […]

StarCraft 2 Workers Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

All three races have a worker unit: terrans use SCVs, protoss use probes, and the zerg use drones. Workers are crucial to the game - they gather resources to build combat units and buildings. When a player is cut off from his/her workers, the ability to create more workers, and a resource spot, their game […]

StarCraft 2 Supply Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Supply Cap In StarCraft II, the maximum ‘supply cap’ - a number that dictates how many units you can have active at once - is 200, regardless of the race you play. Your headquarters building (command center, nexus, or hatchery) provides a small amount of supply. In addition, each race has a special building or […]

StarCraft 2 Economy Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Unit control, spell casting, and knowing your opponent’s plans and strategy are obviously extremely important to winning a game of StarCraft II. However, quite often, victory is determined by the amount of resources you harvest and mine, the high-level units you produce, or the upgrades you research Get your Economy Going At the beginning of […]

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StarCraft 2 Resources Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Before you can successfully wage war in StarCraft II, you’ll need to collect raw materials from the battlefield to research technology, build structures, and construct units. There are two types of resources: minerals and vespene gas. Efficiently collecting these resources is the first and most important step in building an army and winning the match. […]

How to Design Build Orders in StarCraft 2

Introduction This guide is aimed to help players of all skill levels. It will be a solid guideline for weaker players and hopefully give some new ideas to the strong players. Most players probably follow this guide at some level but I find that laying everything out can provide the visibility needed to take your […]

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Terran Mechanics & Improvement Guide

StarCraft 2 Terran Guide

I am going to be creating a couple guides for Terran since I am currently on break and have some spare time. So I felt I should explain the mechanics and mindset so I can get a good foundation on what is expected of you when doing builds. These guides are meant for improving and […]

Zerg vs Zerg Rushing Guide

Zerg Guides

If you’ve played or watched any ZvZ, you likely know that it’s a fast-paced, explosive matchup – the majority of games end quite early with one or two base play. I’m sure most of us have been involved in those infamous (arguably annoying) Ling/Baneling wars, and experienced the excruciating pain after looking away from your […]

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