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Zerg Scouting Guide

Greetings, fellow Zerglings. Over the past few days, there have a been a lot of topics asking why (insert Terran or Protoss strat here) keeps stomping Zerg.  And among the responses, one thing is agreed upon - if you don’t scout it out, you’re toast.  Always.  So, that led to posts asking how to scout, […]

New Heart of the Swarm Unit Video Guides

With the Heart of the Swarm release date on the horizon, the new expansion will introduce a new set of units to each race changing how you play every matchup. We have been playing Heart of the Swarm since the beta and have made a series of videos teaching you the basics of each new […]

Dances in StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm

StarCraft 2 Dances

Last October, our good friend Mike “Husky” Lamond challenged the StarCraft II community to a dance-off, and the response was outstanding. To make things interesting, we said we’d consider including one of the dances submitted by the community in Heart of the Swarm. After mulling over each of the submissions, we didn’t find one we […]

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Artosis Hotkey Video Guide


Artosis released a great video today on his youtube channel with an examination of his SC2 Hotkey setups and his thoughts behind them. You can check out his youtube channel at and view the video below.

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StarCraft 2 Team Strategies

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Pick Your Teammates When playing a team game, first determine how you will pick your teammate or teammates. There are two ways to do this: random teammates or playing with a set teammate such as a friend. The biggest advantage of playing with friends or people you know is that you can count on a certain standard of ability […]

StarCraft 2 Terms

StarCraft 2 Guide

Here are some of the terms which may cause some confusion. This is not a complete list of words that you may hear. There are many other common terms but we do not list every term. Term Description 6 Pool A zerg build order creating a spawning pool when you have six supply, right at […]

StarCraft 2 Common Mistakes

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Here are some common mistakes. If you manage to avoid these, you’ll improve your odds of winning significantly. Not building enough workers This is a very common novice mistake. Instead of building too few workers, make sure to build 22-30 workers per resource location. If you build an expansion, build the same number at the […]

StarCraft 2 Unit Control

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Knowledge of unit commands isn’t enough to win - you need to use them skillfully to control your units. Listed below are some basic tips for unit control. Learn to ”stutter step”/”kite” To use ranged units effectively, you need to hit and run. If your opponent charges your ranged units with melee units, run away, stop and […]

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