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Widow Mine Math

Lone over on Teamliquid had a great post about the math of Widow Mines and if it’s possible to run past them with out triggering them. I’m a regular over on the Bnet forums, and recently I posted some calculations I had on widow mines. However, being the Bnet forums, it was largely ignored, despite […]

Zerg Guide for Beginners

Zerg Guides

Some people’s issues have nothing to do with Starcraft; they just don’t know how to learn. These are the same people who can’t seem to remember his build orders or the proper transition in a given situation. That’s one type of player who doesn’t know how to learn. The second type of player is the […]

How to use Camera Hot Keys in StarCraft 2

I define this as the ability to quickly cycle through your camera hotkeys and return to your original location. You accomplish this by incorporating a “save current camera location” hotkey, and then rolling your fingers across the camera keys, beginning with the “save” and ending with “recall”. Introduction I wanted to Start incorporating camera hotkeys […]

1000 StarCraft 2 Tips

StarCraft 2 Guide

Arn over at Team Liquid has been putting together a great post where he is compiling a list of #1000 StarCraft 2 Tips. The list is updated weekly until it grows to 1000 tips. This is a great little piece to skim through and hopefully learn a few new things you may not of known […]

Heart of the Swarm Levels and Rewards

HotS Levels Rewards

Heart of the Swarm has introduced a leveling system where you earn portraits, unit skins, decals, and dance animations from leveling up. Existor over at team liquid provided a great chart to show the rewards you will be earning for each level you gain as you play through Heart of the Swarm and earn experience.

StarCraft Short Story: A War On

StarCraft A War On

The zerglings got Irmscher at the Battle of Lawndale 12, a backwater incursion during the Brood War that no one ever writes about in the history books. Irmscher was only a kid, right out of upper school, fresh faced and full of piss and vinegar, the type that never lasts long in the Dominion Marine […]

Heart of the Swarm new feature videos

Heart of the Swarm Beta

Heart of the Swarm will be going live in just a little over a month and Blizzard has been releasing videos showing off the new and upcoming features in the new StarCraft 2 expansion. Heart of the Swarm: Social Features Heart of the Swarm: How to Play

HotS Beta coming to an end March 1st

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

Blizzard announced that the Heart of the Swarm beta will be coming to close on March 1st, leaving us beta testers without HotS for 12 days while we wait for the launch. The good news is anyone who is in the private beta will still have access, it’s just the open beta that will be […]

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