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WoL Campaign: Upgrade Guide

Wings of Liberty Campaign

WoL Upgrades - Brutal Video Guide In this Wings of Liberty Guide, I’ll list the upgrades for all Terran units available at Hyperion’s Armory. Listed for each unit are the credit cost of the upgrade, what it does, and whether I think the technology is worth buying. Credits in Starcraft 2 WoL’s campaign mode are […]

WoL Campaign: Belly of the Beast

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Belly of the Beast - Brutal Video Guide Belly of the Beast is a neat experience. Blizzard manages to keep things fresh even in the final missions with this quirky and humorous option for weakening the Zerg for the final fight of Wings of Liberty on Char. Raynor, Tychus, Swann from the Armory, and Egon Steddman […]

WoL Campaign: Engine of Destruction

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Engine of Destruction - Brutal Video Guide In this mission, you must protect a runaway Tychus as he assaults a Dominion base and steals a prototype weapon from them. Follow with your starting medics and marines, as he makes his way through the first section, until he reaches the Odin. Watch for Devourer Tissue Samples […]

WoL Campaign: Maw of the Void

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Maw of the Void - Brutal Video Guide In the Maw of the Void mission you will at last get your hands on the Terran Battlecruiser and their powerful Yamato Guns. Upon taking command of your base, train up four or five more SCVs. The goal is to gather this place dry while building Battlecruisers, […]

WoL Campaign: Supernova

Supernova - Brutal Video Guide This mission will take advantage of the Terrans’ Lift Off ability. You’ll need to relocate two or more times in order to complete the mission, as a destructive wall of fire creeps across the map from the west. You’ll get access to the Banshee unit, and it’s a keeper. They’re […]

WoL Campaign: Haven’s Fall

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Haven’s Fall - Brutal Video Guide Haven’s Fall is an alternative to Safe Haven, and is my favorite between the two. I’m a big fan of the Automated Refinery Protoss Research, and this mission is easy and accessible early in the game, granting an automatic +3 Protoss Research. Vikings are unlocked through either and I am […]

WoL Campaign: The Moebius Factor

Wings of Liberty Campaign

The Moebius Factor - Brutal Video Guide This is the only mission where you’ll really praise yourself for picking the Hercules Dropship research in the Zerg tech tree. If you did, it will be very easy. Otherwise, you’ll need more resources to build more medivacs to complete it. Obviously, the theme here is dropships. There’s […]

WoL Campaign: The Great Train Robbery

Wings of Liberty Campaign

The Great Train Robbery - Brutal Video Guide In this mission, you’ll acquire the great Diamondback hover tank. They can fire while moving, which is an incredibly helpful ability for the mission at hand. In fact, it’s not at all difficult to complete the entire mission using only the Diamondback. When you first take command, train […]

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