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You are given access to a whopping four new Terran technologies in this mission. First, you can now build the reactor add-on for your Barracks, which allows it to train two marine units at once. Second, the bunker structure, which allows units inside protection while they fire through its ports. Third, the Terran Missile Turret, which is an excellent anti-air emplacement. The Engineering Bay, where you can upgrade your units, is also now accessible

You should do several things right at the start of this mission. Queue up five SCVs at the Command Center, and consider salvaging the bunkers near your Command Center. Don’t do so if you want to get the Hold the Line Achievement. You should be capable of holding off the Zerg at the two bridges. Start a reactor at one of your Barracks and a Tech lab at the other, while you send an SCV to each of the bridges. Build a second bunker at each, and put all your marines inside. If you want Hold the Line, consider a third at each to make it a cinch. Keep the SCVs there so they’ll automatically repair the bunkers, or they will be destroyed.

Use your spare SCVs to build a refinery (putting three SCVs on duty gathering vespene gas). You should have a total of 16 marines in bunkers at the two bridges, which is plenty. Work your economy up, and get a couple of extra supply depots to raise your unit cap. You will also want to get unit upgrades. Grab damage first, since it will affect your Marines that are in the bunkers. A third missile turret may be desired, but shouldn’t be necessary if you allow your bunker-repairing SCVs to repair them in between Zerg Mutalisk attacks.

The goal now is to build an army and take care of the secondary objective, to rescue the Rebels. Remember that it’s silly to spend all your resources on one Barracks while the other is idle. Produce two marines at a time at one barracks, while you get a few medics out of the other. You should only really need three or four medics. The more marines you make, the better. You can do some serious damage to the Zerg with enough firepower.

I took an army of 22 marines and 4 medics out the northeastern exit of my base to start rescuing Rebels. There were a full ten minutes left on the clock. My choice of this exit hinged on the fact that it had just been attacked, so I wasn’t expecting trouble on the way out. Once you’ve made a lap around the map, you’ll have picked up another 15 units as the three Rebel groups join your troops. I laid waste to the purple Zerg base in the Southwestern corner. It doesn’t get you an achievement on normal difficulty, but it’s something to do. When dealing with a huge group of troops, focus fire isn’t always very effective as the Marines may not be able to get around one another. You will want to do your best to get as much firepower as possible on the defenses of the Zerg base, as they can hit rather hard. Attack move is your friend, here.

Do what you like with your remaining time, but I recommend continuing the offensive. Snagging the Hold the Line achievement is easy if you keep pumping out marines and assaulting the Zerg Hatcheries. As the clock winds down toward 0, overwhelming numbers of Zerg will assail you. Thankfully, the Hyperion comes to the rescue with a hail of blaster fire and a ticket off Mar Sara.

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