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WoL Campaign: The Outlaws

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The Outlaws gives you your first command of a Terran base. You should immediately set your SCVs to harvesting minerals, and train about four more. Two can go toward building and collecting from a refinery, while the others help to gather crystals faster. You should build a pair of extra supply depots, and perhaps a Barracks. To conserve resources, only build a tech lab on one of them. After all, the only unit you receive from the add-on is the medic, and a couple will do. To speed things up, take your starting marines north to grab some resource crates. There are a total of about five which can be collected without conflict.

While you are managing your base, learn some of the hotkeys for your builders. Notice B brings up the build mode. B followed by R will build a refinery, S a Supply Depot, and B a Barracks. These are useful commands to know by heart because they increase your efficiency as a player. You’ll someday want to know all of them, including unit training commands, if you’re to compete in Starcraft 2′s multiplayer modes.

Take your starting units just west of your base, around the cliffs, to liberate a rebel base which will join you, giving you a couple of extra supply depots and about six soldiers. These additions to your troop count should give you plenty of firepower to proceed with wiping out the Dominion base.

The Outlaws Hard Walkthrough

We’d might as well pick up the achievement for completing the mission in under 10 minutes, so time is our biggest enemy. Order your starting SCVs to harvest, queue up two more at the Command Center, then take your six starting Marines to the north. You can gather 100 vespene and minerals near your base, and a little further is a mine with 300 more minerals. Return your troops to the base and start construction of a second barracks and supply depot. You should not reach your supply cap from this point forward. When those two are done, make a third barracks. One barracks should produce a medic to heal your troops’ damage. I did not bother with a refinery.

When your supply reads about 48 units, you are ready to splat the Dominion. Keep in mind that you can set your barracks’ rally point to your medic to allow reinforcements to rally with the attack group. Head toward the base and liberate the troops there. Remember that attack move is great but with a huge pack of marines it’s better to walk a couple of steps further toward an enemy so all the Marines can fire their weapons without blocking one another. This is especially true with the Hellions and Bunker you’ll encounter.

Unleash hell on the Dominion base. Your troops will be inevitably scattered but that’s fine as they will be doing damage and everything’s gotta go. If you can focus some of them on the production buildings things will go faster. I managed 7 minutes with this strategy, well under the 10 minutes required for the ‘Be Quick or Be Dead’ achievement.

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