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WoL Campaign: Smash and Grab

Smash and Grab - Brutal Video Guide

The first required mission upon boarding the Hyperion is quite simple. Make your way through the Protoss and learn a lot about them on the way in the form of a whopping +4 Protoss Research. The Protoss Relics are very easy to find throughout the mission. There’s one north, then following the path west from there will lead to a a second. The last two cannot be missed so long as you don’t fail to take one of the short deviations from the relatively linear path.

There are plenty of resources to have in the beginning of Smash and Grab, so don’t be conservative with the SCV production. You’ll want to make plenty to grab tons of minerals to make this faster. Waiting a little longer before your first attack can serve to speed up the whole mission by minimalizing losses. I tend to make at least 10-12 units, 2 of them medics and 4 to 2 with marines and marauders, respectively. A second Barracks is needed to produce this balance.

Remember that when fighting the Protoss they require power to operate buildings. So, when presented with the opportunity to hit one of their Pylons with your Marines and Marauders, disabling two Photon Cannons in the process, take it. However, remember that Photon Cannons are weaker than Pylons, so if you have the choice betwen one or the other take it (unless you can hit a Pylon from outside a Photon’s range). While strategies like this might not be required in this mission, these are tactics that will help you throughout Starcraft 2.

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