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WoL Campaign: Outbreak

Outbreak - Brutal Video Guide

This is an interesting mission with day and night cycles. It’s hard to do real damage at night, so you must defend at night and go on the offensive during the day. You will not be able to get any progress made in the primary mission objective on the first day. You should focus your time on building a couple of bunkers where your firebats and marines start. Put four marines into each bunker. You should save the firebats to go on the offensive. The firepower of eight marines at each of the two defense zones will keep the infested Terrans from swarming the bunkers, and the most dangerous foe to attack — the infested marine, will be out of a firebat’s range.. Build a tech lab at one barracks, and a reactor at the other. Pull the medics back from the front lines and replace them with an SCV stationed near each of your two pairs of bunkers to repair them. In the meantime, a few more SCVs will be needed to get your economy running. You won’t likely need the second refinery option you’re given, but you will need plenty more supply depots. Note the barricade to the southwest of your base. Clearing it gives you another access point, but the infested terrans, as well.

Near the end of the first night, Hellions and a Factory will be given to you. These will be your bread and butter in this mission, and should take up a lot of your early resources. They just tend to deal so much more damage than anything else available this early in the campaign. A reactor will allow you to build two. Remember that constructing a second factory isn’t a good idea unless you can afford to operate it, and at this stage you likely can’t. It’s often better to upgrade existing units rather than making more. Go for weapon upgrades for your Marines and Hellions at their respective buildings. You’ll need to make an armory to upgrade Hellions, but it’s worth it. If you have Stimpaks for your Marines, you might ignore Hellions and build many marines, firebats, and medics as that would be the most cost-effective route..

At daybreak, send your army (everyone but the units in bunkers) to the northeast and start cleansing the infested buildings. Even if you can’t muster an impressive force, it can still save you time. The southeastern corner of the map is the most dangerous as there is a Zerg base there, which has spine crawlers that can actually kill your troops. It’s better to wait until you’ve built up a stronger army before moving to take them on. Here’s a tip: when your army gets larger, try to spread out your units to prevent roadblocks. Send them to different areas of the same quadrant to maximize their efficiency.

Clear as many of the buildings as you can, then return when night falls. You should be coming up with a more impressive show of force by now. If your Hellions have taken any damage, allow an SCV to repair them. If you like, you may be able to inch your way toward the end if you have enough forces. It’s just a bit of a headache attacking at night because of the neverending stream of infested Terrans coming at your troops. They can’t really focus on the task of clearing out buildings, and you will lose units. You’ll be notified about infestors not very long into the mission. As soon as you are strong enough, hit them when they appear at night to score Zerg research. They should pop up on your mini map when visible. Hitting them at night isn’t a huge challenge as they appear on the edges of the Zerg base to the southeast.

You may need a little more defense back at the base. The more you clear the infested buildings, you’d expect there to be less terrans coming at you but it gets harder and harder. Nevertheless, keep reinforcing, upgrading your units, and clearing buildings, and you’ll finish this mission soon after the third night, if not before.


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