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WoL Campaign: Maw of the Void

Maw of the Void - Brutal Video Guide

In the Maw of the Void mission you will at last get your hands on the Terran Battlecruiser and their powerful Yamato Guns. Upon taking command of your base, train up four or five more SCVs. The goal is to gather this place dry while building Battlecruisers, Supply Depots, and an Armory. Keep your Battlecruisers at home at first, to help defend. You’re going to want to take baby steps west, while returning to get repaired. The Armory is essential so that you can get the most mileage out of your Battlecruisers. They’re expensive, at 400 minerals and 300 gas each.

Train a few ground units while your Starport works to supply you with two more Battlecruisers. A couple of Siege Tanks, Goliaths and several marines would come in handy. You can later ferry them across to help defend when you expand (and partially relocate). Be sure to gather the minerals and vespene south of your base. Eliminate the Protoss there. You should not stage your defensive units there as they should strive to hit the protoss as they come up the ramp to your base.

It takes five Yamato blasts to take down a Rift Field Generator. Science vessels would be invaluable in this mission for repairing, but if you don’t have them you’ll have to continually work your way back east to repair. Expand west, after wiping the smaller protoss base from the area. You can start freeing Dark Templar now and use them to help clear the path for your battlecruisers. Each prison will get you three of them, and they are immune to the Rift Field’s effects when their shields are up. Their cloak will come in handy for taking out pylons powering cannons that can damage your battlecruisers.

A Viking could be helpful to gather the large amount of resources in the area. You might even afford a second Starport. Certainly aim for level 3 in both weaponry and armor for your ships. At your base, build up defenses. At least a few Siege Tanks in siege mode and Vikings to help cover the air will be helpful. Colossus will attack so Infantry are not so helpful in this defense. You must have that air defense though! Carriers will attack and if your Battlecruisers aren’t home you could have your hands full. It should be mobile AA, as well. A Bunker doesn’t do much damage at this stage of the game anyway, so use Goliaths or Vikings to take care of this. Vikings are better. Because of a Colossus’ height, they count as Air units and Vikings can tear them to shreds, without so much as getting scratched.

You should be able to work up a pattern to gradually take out Rift Fields. Try not to get into a spot where two overlap unless it’s unavoidable. The armor upgrades will really help as the small ticks as the Rifts do their work on your ship hulls will grow weaker. The Protoss Mothership can be a pain, especially when it sucks a couple or all your Battlecruisers into a vortex, leaving the others to get bent. Use your Yamatos on it. It has a ton of health and it will take multiple rounds with it before you’ll win. With all the resources available to you, and the might of the Battlecruiser at your disposal, finishing off the mission should be far from impossible once you’re down to a couple of Rifts standing in your way. When all else fails, make a massive assault on the Vault itself.

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