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Starcraft 2 Beta Audio Commentary Platinum League 1v1

I was studying a few Starcraft 2 Strategies the other day and I came across this great Starcraft 2 Beta Audio Commentary video by Endrick. Endrick is a Platinum League player who mainly plays as Terran. In this video he plays 1v1 vs Zerg, I wanted to share this video as it gives good insight [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #6

Blizzard has released the 6th patch to Starcraft 2 Beta. I was a little surprised to see that Dark Templars were nerfed considering that they are not used very often in high level games. Unfortunately Dark Templars are very easy to counter if you know that they are coming and since you need a DT [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Invite a Friend program

I was looking through my email the other day and I received an email from blizzard to invite a friend to join the Starcraft 2 beta with me. While I’ve been playing the beta non stop since it’s launch I’m very happy that I can have one of my close friends start playing some 2v2 [...]

Starcraft 2 Battle between 4 Platinum players

I wanted to post this 3 part video of a great 2v2 game which I found online. The games is between 4 platinum starcraft 2 beta players and you will see some great stratagies used during the match. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Starcraft 2 expansions set to keep the game fresh

Kotaku’s Mike Fahey had the opportunity to interview Blizzard’s Sam Didier, art director for Starcraft II and lead singer for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft themed metal band, who spoke about their plans to keep Starcraft II interesting and “fresh” among its three iterations.  Not surprisingly, Blizzard is approaching the two followingStarcraft campaigns as separate expansions and will be [...]

Starcraft 2 sound and audio

One of the first things I noticed when I launched Starcraft 2 Beta for the first time was the great number being played in the background. Even though this track was only played the first time I had launched the beta it shows the great sound quality you can expect from Starcraft 2. The opening [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #2

While the Starcraft 2 Beta has been on fire with the Beta community playing thousands of games and posting videos of thousands of replays, Blizzard has been at work tweaking the balance among SC2 with the latest patch notes. Terran Banshee Cloak: This ability no longer requires Fusion Core to research. Barracks The build time [...]

Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #1

The first patch has come to Starcraft 2 Beta. The patch consists of a few balancing tweaks along with a few minor bug fixes. I’ve been playing the Beta day and night and will be having some details on the new system in the upcoming days. Terran Viking The armor value for this unit [...]

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