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Seung-Hyun “Go)Space” Park Passes away at 25


Seung-Hyun Park the very popular Warcraft 3 player passed away the other day on May 6th 2013 at 25 years old. Blizzard posted a tribute post to honor and show remembrance of the fan favorite player over on the SC2 Blog.

Starcraft 2 Patch Notes 2.0.8

Starcraft Patch 2-0-8

Starcraft Patch 2.0.8 was released today the patch notes are listed below. STARCRAFT II PATCH 2.0.8 GENERAL The “Damaged Units Only” status bar option now applies only to life, shields, and energy. All other status bars behave as if “Always” is selected. Custom observer interface files are now read from the “My Documents/StarCraft II/Interfaces” location […]

Starcraft 2 Ladder Season 3 2013 Begins

Starcraft 2 Ladder

Season 3 2013 Ladder has began in Starcraft 2, the bonus pools have been reset and 2013 milestone rewards have been rewarded. It is now time for players to to play a ladder match and get replaced into their leagues as they try to work up the ladder once again. Season 3 also brings a […]

GLHF Magazine Issue #4 Now Available

GLHF Magazine

GLHF Magazine is a Starcraft 2 magazine made by the community for the community, and it’s free! They just released their 4th issue and for it being a free magazine I have to say the content is great and the quality is top notch. Head over to GLHF Magazine to check out the latest issue, […]

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WCS EU Premier Season 1 2013 Live Stream

Starcraft 2 WCS

Starcraft 2 WCS EU Premier League Ro32 Group C Live stream is about to go live. You can watch the matches for free via WCS EU twitch account.  The players in Group C are Liquid’Ret, Na’Vi.Strelok, RoX.KIS.TitaN, and EG.ThorZIN.RC. This is just the first of many of the new free live streams for WCS, Blizzard […]

Map Control and Awareness Guide

Map Control Guides

This notion is closely tied with map awareness and although they are quite different, go hand in hand. Controlling the map is your ultimate goal, and something you need to achieve if you want to maximize your chances to win the game. Map awareness is its prerequisite and it is a mix of map analysis, […]

Starcraft 2 Terms

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

StarCraft is more than a strategy game, it’s a trend setter and many notion related to it are now mainstream. We took the time to explain some of the more popular idioms below, so when you meet these expressions you’ll know exactly what they mean. To make it easier for people to look them up […]

BlizzCon 2013 Tickets Sold Out!

Both batches of BlizzCon tickets have been officially sold out. Blizzard sold the last batch today , if you did not  pickup a pair of tickets you can still watch BlizzCon on your TV or computer live through the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket. They haven’t released any information yet on the virtual ticket but will soon. Blizzard has […]

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