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Shokz vs IdrA
Starcraft Master Achievement Guide
Shokz vs iNcontroL Video
Shokz Video Guide just released
Blizzard DOTA - An in-depth review

Blizzard All-Stars is now Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has once again changed the game of Blizzard All-Stars to Heroes of the Storm. This is the 3rd and most likely last name change to the upcoming Blizzard MOBA. Originally called Blizzard DOTA but then changed to Blizzard All-Stars due to a trademark dispute with Valve and their game DOTA 2, Heroes of a […]

BlizzCon Virtual Goody Bag Announced


Blizzard announced today their virtual goody back for BlizzCon 2013 attendees and viewers of the BlizzCon virtual ticket. Players will receive items for all four of Blizzard games. Hearthstone: Myster Minion Card StarCraft 2: Portrait and Decal - Tearin’ Stiches and Stiches’ Hook Diablo 3: Banner - Mark of Death World of Warcraft - Pet […]

Valve Registers Half Life 3 Trademark

Half Life 3

Valve registered the Half Life 3 Trademark the other day on 9/29/2013, while they have made no announcement of the official release of Half Life 3 the trademark all but as finally confirmed possibly the most anticipated game in history, with Starcraft 2 being right up there with most anticipated games. For anyone who has […]

BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket Now On Sale

BlizzCon 2013

BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket is now on sale, Blizzard fans can purchase the virtual ticket for $39.99 and watch the BlizzCon event November 8th and 9th. Along with the Virtual Ticket you will receive the digital goodie bag which will include items for all 4 of Blizzard games. They have not announced what the items […]

Starcraft 2 Back to School Sale

StarCraft 2 Back to School

You can now pickup Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty for 50% off and Heart of the Swarm for 25% off with the Starcraft 2 Back to School Sale. They are also giving double XP from now until September 30th allowing you to level your starcraft 2 account up faster. If you have any friends that […]

Starcraft 2 WCS Reddit Transcript


Kim Phan, Senior eSports Manager goji_sc2:  Overall, after the first season of WCS, what do you think have gone right and what have gone wrong? What would you like to change and what would you like to keep? KP: Some of the things we think went right include global player ranking, centralized, easy-to-find place for major SC2 […]

Starcraft 2 free Arcade Weekend

Blizzard is having a free Arcade weekend this week in the Weekend of Freedom where anyone can download the free Starcraft 2 starter edition and play some of the top Starcraft 2 custom maps for free. The starter edition is a free copy of SC2 where you can test it out, although you have never […]

WCS America Qualifiers Sign Up

WCS America

Players can now sign up for the WCS America Qualifiers in which 512 players will compete in single elimination tournaments. The top two qualifiers will qualify for the WCS America Challenger League. Anyone can now sign up and compete. WCS America 12:00 p.m. PDT July 2 - Qualifier #1, Ro512-Ro16 - Sign-up  3:00 p.m. PDT July 3 […]

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