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Shokz vs IdrA
Starcraft Master Achievement Guide
Shokz vs iNcontroL Video
Shokz Video Guide just released
Blizzard DOTA - An in-depth review

MLG Spring Championship

On June 8, Major League Game (MLG) will hold its Spring Championship event in Anaheim, California. This won’t only be one of MLG’s largest competitions to date, but it promises to be one of the most incredible eSports events of the year! Featuring both the explosive StarCraft II World Championship Series (WCS) USA Finals and [...]

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HotS Beta Release Date

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

2: Heart of the Swarm is one of the most anticipated expansions of any game, although before they announce the actual release date of HotS, they will be first releasing the beta. Blizzard has already announced all the features of the new expansion with new units coming to all three races and the new Zerg [...]

Terran Mechanics & Improvement Guide

I am going to be creating a couple guides for Terran since I am currently on break and have some spare time. So I felt I should explain the mechanics and mindset so I can get a good foundation on what is expected of you when doing builds. These guides are meant for improving and [...]

Zerg vs Zerg Rushing Guide

If you’ve played or watched any ZvZ, you likely know that it’s a fast-paced, explosive matchup – the majority of games end quite early with one or two base play. I’m sure most of us have been involved in those infamous (arguably annoying) Ling/Baneling wars, and experienced the excruciating pain after looking away from your [...]

Win a Heart of the Swarm Beta Key


The new Arcade game portal promises to bring big improvements to the way we all play custom games. It brings with it a whole swarm of new features, including new search options, Game Info pages that will show you everything you need to know to jump right into the action, and ratings and reviews too. Of course, [...]

StarCraft 2 Multiplayer FAQ

How do I change my Profile Picture/Avatar? Click your picture at the top of the screen when logged in to Starcraft 2. From there, you can select rewards and choose among the various portraits. You’ll need to unlock them first, but doing so is easy as the requirements for each are displayed along with a [...]

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How to Improve Efficiently in StarCraft 2

Introduction This document aims at giving all players the opportunity to greatly improve their game. By this I mean that anyone who reads this document should have the tools necessary to become a mid-range player. I’d define a mid-range player as a player who is currently within the top 2000 players of the NA server. [...]

StarCraft 2: Meta Game Know yourself - Chapter 6

Meta Game Know yourself - Chapter 6 This chapter gets a lot more personal than the previous chapters, as a lot of it goes back to personal experience. Now, I know it’s pretty cliché to say that you need to know yourself, but in gaming and any competitive profession, it’s more true than some might [...]

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