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Heroes of the Storm Dev Matches BlizzCon


Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s new arena brawler game expected to come out next year as a free to play game joining Hearthstone as their second free to play game. Yesterday at BlizzCon they reveled a lot more details about Heroes of the Storm along with having 2 teams of the Blizzard Devs battling […]

Starcraft 2 WCS Overview and Replays


WCS just wrapped up at BlizzCon and the matches were epic! You were able to watch the matches over the past 2 days via BlizzCon virtual ticket and also on the twitch WCS channel. For any of you guys who missed out on the games here is a recap of each game along with their […]

Hearthstone Open Beta Starts Next Month


The Hearthstone Open Beta starts next month! Yes you hear that correctly. Blizzard announced today at BlizzCon that the Hearthstone Open Beta will start next month, but they did note that even though they said next month as in December, that it may mean actual January. For everyone who has been waiting to get into […]

Hearthstone Delayed until 2014

HearthStone Patch Notes

Blizzard just had their quarter 3 investors earnings where they talked about the direction of the company and how their main titles are doing. During this event they talked how successful and popular the Hearthstone beta is going and they also let out that the Hearthstone release date will not be until 2014. There is […]

Season 5 Ladder Now Locked

Season 5 Lock

Season 5 2013 Ladder is now locked as the season comes to the end. This means that players will no longer be able to be promoted or demoted among the Starcraft 2 ladder, that doesn’t mean that you are stuck at your current rank. You can still move up and down in your ladder league, […]

Blink 182 to perform at BlizzCon


Blink 182 will be performing live at BlizzCon 2013 this year on the final day for the closing concert. Blizzard likes to always have a concert at the end of each BlizzCon where a mainstream band puts on a concert for all the attendees. BlizzCon sold out within minutes of the ticket sales going live, […]

Hearthstone Beta Giveaway

Hearthstone Beta Key Giveaway

The new blog Hearthable is a site dedicated to brining it’s readers news, guides and strategies for Blizzard’s upcoming trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. I know a lot of the readers here on Shokz Guide are looking forward to playing Hearthstone so I thought it would be good to give these guys a […]

Hearthstone Closed Beta Patch Notes

HearthStone Patch Notes

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s upcoming free to play trading card game is currently in closed Beta released their first patch the other day making a few major changes to the game, they also did a account reset. General The maximum level is now 60, and you can earn XP in any game mode up to max level. Chat has […]

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