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Starcraft 2 Beta Patch Notes #6

Blizzard has released the 6th patch to Starcraft 2 Beta. I was a little surprised to see that Dark Templars were nerfed considering that they are not used very often in high level games. Unfortunately Dark Templars are very easy to counter if you know that they are coming and since you need a DT Shrine to make them if you are scouted then your plan is given away.


  • You can now report misconduct or block communication with a player after completion of a game by right-clicking on the offending player’s name in the score screen and choosing Report Abuse or Block Communication.
  • You can now view any player’s profile after completion of a game by right-clicking on their name in the score screen and choosing View Profile.
  • Updated unit and ability tooltips to be accurate in all regions.
  • Improved the visibility of units on zerg creep.
  • Improved the visibility of team colors for protoss units using warp-in to help distinguish between multiple protoss players.
  • Improved the system that handles promotion and relegation between Leagues.
  • Improved the Favored functionality to more accurately portray Even matches and display properly in the score screen.
  • Improved 2v2 arranged team matchmaking so games are found more quickly.
  • Improved replay functionality so missing maps will be downloaded from when you view a replay.
  • Korea: Improved the logic for the age gate functionality.

Balance Changes

    • Pathing has been improved so units can now properly block ramps and choke points.
    • Made a change to how zerg creep affects doodads, such as trees, to prevent players from seeing the starting location of zerg players through the fog of war.
    • Viking
      • Cost changed from 125 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas to 150 Minerals and 75 Vespene Gas.
    • Ghost
      • Cost changed from 100 Minerals and 200 Vespene Gas to 150 Minerals and 150 Vespene Gas.
      • EMP Round radius decreased from 3 to 2.
    • Factory
      • Cost decreased from 200 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas to 150 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas.
    • Tech Lab
      • Cost decreased from 50 Minerals and 50 Vespene Gas to 50 Minerals and 25 Vespene Gas.
    • Reactor
      • Build time increased from 25 seconds to 50 seconds.
    • SCV
      • Life decreased from 60 to 45.
    • Bunker
      • Build time decreased from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.
    • Marine
      • Build time increased from 20 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Colossus
      • Thermal Lances damage decreased from 23 to 20.
    • Observer
      • Cost increased from 25 Minerals and 75 Vespene Gas to 50 Minerals and 100 Vespene Gas.
      • Build time increased from 33 seconds to 40 seconds.
    • Stalker
      • Particle Disruptors damage increased from 8 (+6 Armored) to 10 (+4 Armored).
      • Weapon upgrade damage decreased from +1 (+1 Armored) to +1 (+0 Armored).
    • Dark Templar
      • Armor type changed from Biological-Psionic to Biological-Psionic-Light.
    • High Templar
      • Armor type changed from Biological-Psionic to Biological-Psionic-Light.
    • Dark Shrine
      • Build time increased from 80 seconds to 100 seconds.
      • Cost increased from 100 Minerals and 200 Vespene Gas to 100 Minerals and 250 Vespene Gas.
  • ZERG
    • Baneling
      • Volatile Burst damage increased from 15 (+20 Light) to 20 (+15 Light).
    • Roach
      • Burrowed regeneration rate decreased from 10 to 5.
      • Upgraded burrowed regeneration bonus decreased from +20 to +10.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting the incorrect assignment of arranged teams to certain Leagues.
  • Fixed an issue affecting random teams that caused no points being awarded on wins and too many points being removed on losses in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue involving the Bonus Pool display on the Quick Match and Leagues & Ladders pages.
  • Korean client: Fixed an issue affecting the ability for Korean players to properly view profiles. They can now see their League ranking on their profile page.
  • Fixed an intermittent UI crash on game shutdown.
  • Polish client: Fixed a crash which would happen any time a “Player is no longer being revealed!” message was displayed.

Along with the patch notes Blizzard also did a beta reset. The reset wiped all players stats / friends and all the data from the beta thus far. The reason for doing this was to start collecting more data after they’ve invite thousands of more players into the beta.

Starcraft 2 Beta Invite a Friend program

Starcraft 2

I was looking through my email the other day and I received an email from blizzard to invite a friend to join the Starcraft 2 beta with me. While I’ve been playing the beta non stop since it’s launch I’m very happy that I can have one of my close friends start playing some 2v2 matches with me.

It appears Blizzard has been sending these invite a friend emails to all the beta participants ahead of the reset which they plan to do in the upcoming weeks. It will also allow them to test their “Real ID” features which is the friend system between real life friends.

Blizzard still has a lot of things to implement into the friends/chat system but I’m sure once Starcraft 2 is finally released it is going to great. I just hope it is sooner rather then later so I can start playing the SC2 campaign.

Starcraft 2 Battle between 4 Platinum players

I wanted to post this 3 part video of a great 2v2 game which I found online. The games is between 4 platinum starcraft 2 beta players and you will see some great stratagies used during the match.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Starcraft 2 expansions set to keep the game fresh

Kotaku’s Mike Fahey had the opportunity to interview Blizzard’s Sam Didier, art director for Starcraft II and lead singer for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft themed metal band, who spoke about their plans to keep Starcraft II interesting and “fresh” among its three iterations.  Not surprisingly, Blizzard is approaching the two followingStarcraft campaigns as separate expansions and will be including new units and environments with the release of each (kind of like Brood War).

“There’s a lot of really cool unit ideas that we have that we probably could have squeezed onto one of these, but instead we wanna let them shine more in the next one – let them be a little more unique,” Didier told Kotaku.  “This is an expansion, but it’s the Zerg campaign or the Protoss campaign. It’s not like a one-off sort of thing. It’s gonna have all its unique sets.

“We’re going to go back to the same planets. My hope is that we can affect those planets somehow, so if you’re on Korhol in Wings of Liberty, when you return in the Zerg campaign or the Protoss, I want something radical to have happened to it or changed, whether a change in leadership or some ‘Cataclysmic’ event.”

The last was obviously a reference to the newest expansion to Blizzard’s mass hitWorld of Warcraft.  Didier also made jokes about the obligatory “snow tileset.”

Altogether, I’m happy to see they’re giving legitimately unique resources to the upcoming SCII expansions aside from just more campaigns.  This should make the expansions a little more tasty and worth your while, as long as Blizzard stays true to their comments that they won’t price gouge.

However, if you were thinking about saving money and only buying the first game for the multiplayer and skipping the other two campaigns, tough luck.  In order to get the complete unit set for all the races, you’ll need all three expansions.


Starcraft 2 sound and audio

One of the first things I noticed when I launched Starcraft 2 Beta for the first time was the great number being played in the background. Even though this track was only played the first time I had launched the beta it shows the great sound quality you can expect from Starcraft 2. The opening soundtrack reminds me of something out of a Star Wars movie and eagerly built up my anticipation before I started my first Starcraft 2 game!

Starcraft 2 Opening Main Track

Flash and JavaScript are required to access the audio clip. Please click Flash to download. The audio sample is not available for IE 6.

The sound across Starcraft 2 is fantastic from the unit voice overs to each races soundtrack playing in the background while you play. I look forward to see the voice acting in the Campaign once the game is released but I have no doubt that it will just as great. Let me know in the comments what you think of this track

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