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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Starcraft 2 Dreamhack 2013 Live

Dreamhack 2013

Dreamhack 2013 Open Grand Final is now live via their Twitch Stream. If you are a fan of watching pro Starcraft 2 games than this is a can’t miss with players like LiquidTLO, EGJYPRC and many other competing to take home the grand prize. The tournament will run from November 28th through November 30th with […]

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm on Sale

Starcraft 2 Sale

If you haven’t upgraded to Heart of the Swarm now is your chance. Blizzard is having a 50% off black friday sale on both Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm. With the holiday season coming up this is also a chance to give the gift of Starcraft to a friend or […]

Sons of Starcraft Documentary Released


The Sons of Starcraft documentary was released today for all of Starcraft 2 fans to watch. It is a 2 part documentary that follows professional Starcraft 2 casters Tasteless and Artosis as they live their life in Seoul, South Korea. It covers the eSports scenes in Seoul and the daily life of the top two […]

Artosis does Hearthstone AMA

Artosis AMA

Artosis the winner of BlizzCon’s 2013 Hearthstone Innkeeper’s Invitational is doing a Hearthstone AMA now over not the Hearthstone subreddit. This is great chance to pick the mind of one of the top Hearthstone players now and get insight on what he thinks about the game and the direction it will be going. It will […]

Heroes of the Storm Beta Signups


Heroes of the Storm Beta Signups are now live, if you haven’t updated your beta profile page please do so now as you can now select to participate in the beta once it goes live in the middle of 2014. Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s upcoming free to play Hero Brawler aka MOBA […]

BlizzCon Exclusive Card - Elite Tauren Chieftain


Durring the BlizzCon Hearthstone panel, Blizzard revealed their special Hearthstone card the Elite Tauren Chieftain exclusive for players who attended BlizzCon or purchased the BlizzCon 2013 virtual ticket. When you play the card it does a special effect by playing music and some visual effects to show off how cool the card really is. Players […]

Starcraft 2 Season 6 2013 Begins

Season 5 Lock

The Starcraft 2 2013 Season 6 has begun. All players have had their bonus pool and standings reset. Even though your rankings have been reset the hidden skill level has carried over from last season so you will start off facing opponents of similar skill level. Season 6 also brings a new map pool for […]

Hearthstone coming to iPhone and Android


Hearthstone which was originally announced to to be coming to PC, Mac, and the iPad added a few more devices onto that list yesterday at BlizzCon. Hearthstone will also be coming out on Android phones and tablets, along with the iPhone later next year. This is great news since Hearthstone is a game where you […]

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