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Starcraft 2 WCS Reddit Transcript


Kim Phan, Senior eSports Manager goji_sc2:  Overall, after the first season of WCS, what do you think have gone right and what have gone wrong? What would you like to change and what would you like to keep? KP: Some of the things we think went right include global player ranking, centralized, easy-to-find place for major SC2 […]

Starcraft 2 free Arcade Weekend

Blizzard is having a free Arcade weekend this week in the Weekend of Freedom where anyone can download the free Starcraft 2 starter edition and play some of the top Starcraft 2 custom maps for free. The starter edition is a free copy of SC2 where you can test it out, although you have never […]

WCS America Qualifiers Sign Up

WCS America

Players can now sign up for the WCS America Qualifiers in which 512 players will compete in single elimination tournaments. The top two qualifiers will qualify for the WCS America Challenger League. Anyone can now sign up and compete. WCS America 12:00 p.m. PDT July 2 - Qualifier #1, Ro512-Ro16 - Sign-up  3:00 p.m. PDT July 3 […]

Starcraft WCS Reddit AMA


Blizzard’s eSports team will be hosting an AMA on Reddit tomorrow on /r/starcraft at 11:00 am PDT. For those that are not familiar AMA stand for Ask Me Anything, this will give the SC2 community an opportunity to ask the Blizzard eSports team questions about WCS or anything else related to SC2.

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