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WoL Campaign: The Outlaws

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Brutal Video Guide The Outlaws gives you your first command of a Terran base. You should immediately set your SCVs to harvesting minerals, and train about four more. Two can go toward building and collecting from a refinery, while the others help to gather crystals faster. You should build a pair of extra supply depots, [...]

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WoL Campaign: Liberation Day

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Brutal Video Guide Real-Time Strategy games always start out extremely easy, and Starcraft 2 is no exception. You’ll be given loads of breathing room to make mistakes, as you start with overwhelming forces. The first time you’ll actually face minor danger is after coming about to the location in the screenshot below. A group of [...]

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Heart of the Swarm FAQs

StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm

With the Heart of the Swarm release nearing, many players may have questions about the HotS release and what to expect from the first StarCraft 2 expansion. Below is a set of Frequently Asked Questions which Blizzard has provided in hopes of answering some of those questions you maybe wondering about for Heart of the [...]

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StarCraft 2 BarCraft Update 6/14

Are you interested in joining other eSports enthusiasts to watch a live stream of professional StarCraft II action? Check out the following list to see if there’s an event being organized in your area! We know more and more BarCrafts are happening, and we’d love to add them to this list. If you know of [...]

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Legacy of the Void: New Units

Blizzard have told us that they would consider removing units for StarCraft 2′s second expansion, Legacy of the Void. Speaking at a recent press event, StarCraft 2 lead producer Chris Sigaty told us that “it would be a mistake for us to just put out units to put out units,” adding “will we do that [...]

How to beat a 6 pool in StarCraft 2

The 6/7/8 Early Pool is a build order loss to everything in ZvZ. However, even the best pros have lost to early pools. There is also a myth that defending an early pool requires ‘Godly Micro’ or that you must be a ‘god among men’, which is simply not true - against a comparable opponent [...]

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Heart of the Swarm Battle Report #2 - TvZ

StarCraft 2 Battle Report

Blizzard released the their first battle report for Heart of the Swarm commentated by Day 9 showing a Terran vs Zerg matchup allowing you to see the new HotS units in action and what we may be able to expect in terms of their use and strategies on how to play them.

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Season 8 Has Begun

The eighth StarCraft II League season has arrived! At this time, Season 7 milestones have been awarded and bonus pools and standings have been reset. Hidden skill ratings used for matchmaking and league placement have carried over from the previous season, so players who have completed placement matches in a previous season will only need [...]

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