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Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Contest Extended


Blizzard announced they will be extending the Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Contest. In order to win you must download the 1.5 Arcade beta and rate a custom game. You can rate a new custom game every day giving you another entry into the contest and a chance to win a Heart of the [...]

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StarCraft 2 Workers Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

All three races have a worker unit: terrans use SCVs, protoss use probes, and the zerg use drones. Workers are crucial to the game - they gather resources to build combat units and buildings. When a player is cut off from his/her workers, the ability to create more workers, and a resource spot, their game [...]

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StarCraft 2 Supply Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Supply Cap In StarCraft II, the maximum ‘supply cap’ - a number that dictates how many units you can have active at once - is 200, regardless of the race you play. Your headquarters building (command center, nexus, or hatchery) provides a small amount of supply. In addition, each race has a special building or [...]

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StarCraft 2 Economy Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Unit control, spell casting, and knowing your opponent’s plans and strategy are obviously extremely important to winning a game of StarCraft II. However, quite often, victory is determined by the amount of resources you harvest and mine, the high-level units you produce, or the upgrades you research Get your Economy Going At the beginning of [...]

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StarCraft 2 Resources Guide

StarCraft 2 Jim Raynor

Before you can successfully wage war in StarCraft II, you’ll need to collect raw materials from the battlefield to research technology, build structures, and construct units. There are two types of resources: minerals and vespene gas. Efficiently collecting these resources is the first and most important step in building an army and winning the match. [...]

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Team Liquid Rising Video Documentary

Liquid Rising Video

Team Liquid know for being one of the largest StarCraft 2 communities released their team documentary called “Liquid Rising”. The video shows in-depth interviews with Team Liquid players, talking about how they each got into professional gaming and became members of Team Liquid. The video is great for any one who is a fan of [...]

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WoL Campaign: Upgrade Guide

Wings of Liberty Campaign

WoL Upgrades - Brutal Video Guide In this Wings of Liberty Guide, I’ll list the upgrades for all Terran units available at Hyperion’s Armory. Listed for each unit are the credit cost of the upgrade, what it does, and whether I think the technology is worth buying. Credits in Starcraft 2 WoL’s campaign mode are [...]

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WoL Campaign: Belly of the Beast

Wings of Liberty Campaign

Belly of the Beast - Brutal Video Guide Belly of the Beast is a neat experience. Blizzard manages to keep things fresh even in the final missions with this quirky and humorous option for weakening the Zerg for the final fight of Wings of Liberty on Char. Raynor, Tychus, Swann from the Armory, and Egon Steddman [...]

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