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StarCraft 2 on sale at Best Buy for $29.99

StarCraft 2 is now on sale for only $29.99 at Best Buy. This is great if you have friends who want to get into StarCraft 2 or if your just looking for a secondary account as I’ve never see SC2 this cheap. It is currently sold out online, but if you head to your local [...]

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Zerg Strategies and Concepts Guide

The Zerg possess the cheapest units in Starcraft 2, and are thus dangerous for their potential numbers. They can be a tricky race to learn for new players as they are vastly different from the Terran and Protoss races. Many newbies would do well to start as a Terran as they’ll have experience from playing [...]

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Protoss Strategies and Concepts Guide

Protoss Guides

The Protoss possess the highest technology in the Starcraft 2 universe. Ther units are more expensive, but they are given great power for the cost. In this guide, I’ll share some common Protoss tactics with you, which can help you to become a better SC2 player and improve your multiplayer experience. Throughout this guide, I’ll [...]

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Terran Strategies and Concepts Guide

The Terrans are a very friendly race for new players. It is perhaps for this reason, storytelling aside, that Blizzard made Wings of Liberty the first campaign offering in the Starcraft 2 Trilogy. In this guide, I hope to enlighten newer players to some of the strengths of the Terrans in multiplayer. Learn some of [...]

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GSL Season 2 - IM_MVP vs Squirtle

Here is a great match of IM_MVP vs Squirtle in the Season 2 GSL Finals. With MVP possibly one of the best Terran players in the world its a great matchup to watch commented by Tasteless.

Blizzard DOTA changed to Blizzard All-Stars

  Blizzard DOTA is now Blizzard All-Stars, the name change stemming from Valve and Blizzard’s recent dispute over rights to the DOTA name. As part of the resolution, Valve will keep using the DOTA 2 name for its in-development game, while Blizzard’s continued use of DOTA will be limited to noncommercial use for the Warcraft III and Starcraft II [...]

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TLO is heading to Korea - TheLittleOne

TheLittleOne announced the other day on his Facebook page he will be heading to South Korea to compete in StarCraft 2 professionally full time. This is great news for all TLO fans who was once known as one of the most creative SC2 players with very innovative and unique builds. Post by TheLittleOne Okay so [...]

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Upcoming StarCraft 2 Updates

It has only taken nearly a year and half but Blizzard announced that they will be adding in some of the most requested features for StarCraft 2 since the game launched nearly 2 years ago. Developer Update with Production Director Chris Sigaty Greetings fellow StarCraft II players! The past couple weeks have been amazing for [...]

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