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TvZ One Base Battlecruiser Guide

About a week ago, I saw a hilarious vod of Naama vs IdrA on Metalopolis where Naama executed a 1 base battlecruiser build against IdrA, and easily won. This got me thinking and questioning how viable it could be on certain maps. It’s a straightforward, sloppy, fun build that can be used for close air [...]

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MLG Summer Season Dates

MLG Summer Season Dates

As we prepare for the Spring Championship and the end of the Spring Season next week, we are already looking ahead to Summer. To ensure that all our players, spectators and fans have plenty of time to plan, we want to give you as many details about the Summer Season as possible. We are excited [...]

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Blizzard All-Stars Features

Get an inside look of what is to come with Blizzard All-Stars. Blizzard All-Stars formerly known as Blizzard DOTA is their new custom map which is set to compete with League of Legends and DotA 2. Blizzard All-Stars - Boss Mechanic Blizzard All-Stars - Neutral Camp Mechanic Blizzard All-Stars - General Warfield Siege Blizzard All-Stars - Mount Mechanic [...]

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KeSPA players at MLG Spring Championship


Eight Korean eSports Association (KeSPA) Players to Participate in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Expo Tournament at Major League Gaming Spring Championship MLG Releases Details for Premiere Event Taking Place Saturday, June 9 Beginning at 9pm PT Major League Gaming (MLG), in cooperation with Blizzard Entertainment, International ESports Group (IEG), and the Korean eSports Association [...]

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StarCraft 2 League and Ladder Guide


Greetings and welcome to this comprehensive Starcraft II ladder guide. This guide is designed to provide detailed information about the core functionality and design of the Starcraft II ladder, its leagues, and matchmaking. The information within this guide comes from empirical findings as well as Blizzard developers. Bonus Pool Overview Immediately noticeable upon searching for [...]

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DeMusliM’s Marine Hellion Timing

Hellion Guide

I take pride in playing a standard macro Terran style as I think it takes so much more understanding, skill, patience and dedication than learning one or two timing attacks that either win or they don’t. Unfortunately this has resulted in me picking up “standard” and “macro player” labels - when I enter a tournament, [...]

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How to stream wtih Xsplit and in Starcraft 2


Hallo Teamliquid, I made a danish guide for the program xsplit with justintv. Thinking about it, if done in english there could be a larger use for it. So here is my attempt to help, if you want to stream! here is a quick video guide step by step or writen guide if you prefer. [...]

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StarCraft 2: Resource Collection Rate

StarCraft 2 Minerals

While it’s common knowledge that the saturation point of a blue mineral field is 24 workers, and that gold minerals are more valuable than blue minerals, it’s not quite that simple. There are some factors to take into account when deciding if you want that blue expansion or that gold expansion. Collection Rates & Saturation [...]

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