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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Diablo 3 Beta Key Giveaway

The guys over at Talonz are giving away free Diablo 3 Beta Keys, to enter for a chance to win simply become a fan of their Facebook page. For the past few months we have been playing the Diablo 3 Beta night and day and can’t wait for Sanctuary to go live on May 15th. [...]

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StarCraft 2 - Risk board game

Blizzard has announced that they will be releasing a StarCraft 2 version of Risk. Just thinking about it takes me back to when I would hang out in my friends basement playing hour long epic games of Risk while our other friends would play Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1. They [...]

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Diablo 3 Release Date Announced - May 15th

Blizzard announced the official release date for Diablo 3 today and it is set to come out on May 15th, 2012! Diablo 3 is blizzard’s next highly anticipated game and gamers have been questioning when it would actually be released since the private beta started back in August of 2011. I’ve had a chance to [...]

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StarCraft 2: Developer Update wtih Dustin Browder on Patch 1.5

We often use special press events to pass along information about what we’re working on and what’s coming in future patches and products. These announcements are useful to the community and us alike because they allow us to reach a very wide audience. In many cases however, the message is not as deep or as [...]

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StarCraft 2 Interactive Guide - RGNSlush (Z) vs Shokz (T)

Here is our first interactive video guide. The guide is of a game between Shokz and currently #1 ranked Grandmaster player RGNSlush. Through out the video you will be asked to make certain decisions  in the game on what you should build next or if you should attack or not. Let me know what you [...]

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Heart of the Swarm Graphic Updates

At Blizzcon 2011 Blizzard showed off some of the new Heart of the Swarm Environment graphics along with the new graphic engine improvements. Along with graphical updates blizzard has rebuilt their physics engine from the ground up allowing for better animation in normal games and custom maps. Heart of the Swarm Graphic Engine Improvement Heart [...]

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StarCraft 2 and Coke Zero

Last night I posted a picture of my amazing Coke Zero tower as seen above on facebook and It got a lot of comments on it so I figured I would indulge a bit more about my two addictions. First it should be no surprised that I play StarCraft 2 a lot but while I’m [...]

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StarCraft 2 Development History

StarCraft 2 has been a long time in the making, at last years Blizzcon, Blizzard showed off a development history video showing the stages of the game through out its development. It took over 16,000+ builds to get to the release client and blizzard is still not finished. For the upcoming expansion Heart of the [...]

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