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Monthly Archives: February 2012

SVG Queen Guide - Free Video

For more videos and the latest starcraft 2 strategy videos check out the Shokz Video Guide (SVG) Queen Guide Video Zerg’s Queen Background During the first Zerg invasion, Queens were able to spawn a variety of parasites that infested Terran structures to create suicide troops under the Overmind’s control. In the aftermath of the Brood [...]

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Blizzard DOTA - An in-depth review

The StarCraft 2 mod Blizzard DOTA was unveiled a year ago at Blizzcon 2010 to mixed reviews and has since been revamped in to a fresh and fast-paced product with the same amount of care that is standard of Blizzard titles. If you want to know about the updated Blizzard DOTA then stay a while [...]

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Heart of the Swarm Gameplay

With the upcoming Starcraft 2 expansion Heart of the Swarm release getting closer everyone is getting excited to continue the story and find out what is going to happen to Kerrigan. Besides the amazing campaign the main thing I’m excited for is to see how the new units are going to impact ladder games and [...]

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Starcraft 2 Patch: 1.4.3

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty patch 1.4.3 is now live! This patch features several bug fixes, as well as balance changes for the protoss and terran races. Be sure to check out the full patch notes below to learn all about the latest changesStarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Patch 1.4.3 Table of Contents General [...]

INcontroL vs. Shokz - Starcraft 2 Commentary

Hey Everyone, here is a commentary by Dusk of a match I had with INControL, it was from 1v1 ladders and it was a great game, wanted to share with you guys.

Blizzard and Valve in Legal battle over “Dota” Trademark

GameSpot is reporting that Valve and Blizzard are in a legal battle of use of the trademark DOTA. Valve will soon be releasing their new game DOTA 2, and they believe they own the rights since they hired the original creator of DOTA, but since the game was originally made as a mod for one [...]

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Shokz new streaming channel


Shokz fans can now follow me on my new official streaming channel at I will be streaming all types of games from 1v1 Grandmaster play to 4v4 team games. Watch live video from shokzguide on

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2v2 – Taking Safe Expansions Guide

New guide for “2v2 – Taking Safe Expansions Guide” has just been released in the Shokz Video Guide (SVG). Members can login and watch the full video or preview a free sample below. If you are not a Shokz Video Guide member you can register here Sample Video

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